Our fully qualified staff implement learning programs based on the developmental needs of every child. The needs of each child are individually assessed and monitored through developmental checklists and individual observations.

Children are grouped according to age, and are encouraged to participate in activities appropriate to their age and their individual needs. A wide variety of experiences are offered to enhance the total development of the child. Our program provides flexibility so that individual needs can be met. We are also committed to multi-cultural education and inclusion of all children.

Children's creativity and self-expression are encouraged through a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, including music, language and story groups, drama, art and craft, finger plays and songs.

Fine and gross motor skills are strengthened through indoor and outdoor activities, including manipulative play, block play, water and sand play, balancing beams, bikes, slides, parachute games, cutting, pasting, threading, ball games, painting, and play dough.
Maths and science concepts are encouraged through block play, cooking experiences, abacus, sand and water play.

Language development is encouraged through staff modeling interactions between staff and children, news time, stories, songs, finger plays, dances, games, poems, dress-ups, home corner, and drama.

School readiness, and social and emotional independence are strengthened through a wide range of activities designed to enhance a child's auditory, visual, and tactile senses.



All families are entitled to apply to Centrelink Family Assistance Office for Child Care Subsidy (CCS), irrespective of income. For all families who wish to claim CCS, they must undergo an income and activity assessment by Family and Assistance Office (Centrelink).

Child Care Subsidy is provided by the Commonwealth Government to approved long day child care centres. This subsidy is then paid directly to the service, to reduce the amount that parents are required to pay to the child care centre.  For those parents who work, study or are looking for work, there is available an eligibility for up to 100 hours of childcare subsidy per fortnight.  For those non-working  or non-studying parents, there is available an eligibility of 36 hours of childcare subsidy per fortnight for children enrolled in our 4-5 year old preschool program.

If you require any additional information about the Child Care Subsidy please see the Centre Director



7am-9am - Indoor and outdoor activities.
9am - Children on mat for news and group activities.
9:20am - Indoor activities and art an craft.
10:15am - Morning tea.
10:30am - Group time - stories / music / songs / games.
11am - Outdoor play (weather permitting).
12pm - Lunch.
12:45pm - Rest time.
2pm - Collect belongings, paintings, newsletters, receipts.
2:15pm - Group time - stores / music / songs / games.
3pm - End of pre-school program.
3pm-6pm - Indoor and outdoor activities.


Children learn through play. They explore, discover, experiment, express feelings, develop language skills and manipulative skills through play. The staff set up play activities, and vary them from week to week according to the children's development and interest. A wide variety of educational equipment is provided and staff use various teaching strategies according to the individual child and their learning style.



Our nursery is for our very precious under two year old children, and is well equipped with an excellennt range of resources. All babies and toddlers are cared for individually, in a loving, home-like environment. The nursery has it's own outddoor play space with soft-fall surfacing, shadding, and a sand pit area reserved only for the under two's. Our qualified and experienced staff provide each child with a developmentally appropriate program. Every child has a portfolio which is a collection of developmental observations, photographs, and artwork for families to enjoy.
We understand that your baby is the most precious thing in the world to you. Our staff provide high quality care, where all children are safe and loved in a happy, settled, and stimulating environment. We have a lovely, homely cot room, and lots of indoor play space with new, clean, age appropriate equipment. Come in and see us!



Parents are able to view their child's learning through their ChildCarers Parent Portal. This portal allows parents to gain access to their children's daily updates, observations, policies and news. The portal also gives parents the flexibility to comment on posts and share pictures and information with the educators.



  • Before school care/After school care/Vacation care
  • We cater for school aged children only.
  • Our program and premises is completely separate from the long day care section, and was purpose built for school aged children.
  • We have large, modern bathrooms, computers, soccer table, air hockey table, kitchen, craft area, stereo, DVD player, and heaps of equipment.
  • Our staff are fantastic! They have a lot of fun with the children. They are qualified, experienced, and the children love them.
  • We are open from 7am until 6pm, during vacation care, and provide all food and drinks.
  • We open for before school care from 7am to 9am, and after school care from 3pm to 6pm, and provide afternoon tea for the children.
  • Your children can attend as permanent bookings, or even a one-off day. There is no minimum attendance required.
  • Our centre is Licenced and Accredited.
  • Even if you are not working, children may attend vacation care. No more boredom for school holidays! The children will have lots of friends to play with.
  • Our program includes the following activities; excursions to the mmovies, cooking, pizza day, dress-up days, tie-dye t-shirts, party days, sports days, discos, art and craft, circus workshops with a professional circus trainer, sewing puppets and clowns, karaoke, talent quests, theme days such as Hawaiian, pyjama, Halloween, and fancy dress.

We are always improving and adding exciting thngs to our program!