At Ruse child care centre, we aim to provide a warm, happy, caring and safe environment that will meet the developmental needs of each child. We aim for both children and parents to establish trust in the quality of care by our staff.

Our centre has an open, relaxed atmosphere where we cater for each child's intellectual, aesthetic, moral, social, emotional and physical development. We aim to create a stimulating, attractive, supportive and responsive environment which is conducive to learning.

Children benefit from a close understanding between centre staff and parents in the nurturing process. We recongise the importance of parents being the primary influence in their child's life, and therefore strive to continually develop and maintain close links with the home and family. We encourage parent participation in all areas of the program according to their individual needs, interest, and opportunities. Parents are encouraged through newsletters and direct discussion, to form a close association with the centre. We encourage parent involvement in events and meetings.

Our dedication and qualified staff will implement our educational program, as well as prepare children for an easy transition from pre-school to kindergarten. As a team we strive to provide the best for the children and their families.

Our centre's philosophy emphasises learning through play. Through a balance of structured play, exploration learning, and group participation, children can develop. Our program will be appropriate to the children in attendance, and support their different stages of development. We are committed to the inclusion of all children and families. We will identify and respond to their interests, value and acknowledge their experiences and individuality. We aim to build their self-esteem and self-identity, and encourage and extend their knowledge and appreciation of the world around them.

We treat children with respect and build upon their qualities and attributes to increase their self-esteem and desire to learn.

Staff will interact in a positive manner, encouraging children in their efforts rather than in only their achievements, focusing on the process, not the end product.

We aim to provide a program that reflects cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We will focus on anti-bias, and non-sexist curriculum, as part of the daily routine. We will respect family's values and seek their involvement in the program, our policies, and all aspects of our service.

We aim to meet and extend licensing standards and Quality Improvement and Accreditation requirements. We aim to create an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere for the staff, which encourages initiative and co operation. We aim to develop mutual respect, courtesy and understanding. Our staff will be made aware of our expectations and their duties, and be provided with relevant training and development.

Our centre is sensitive to the needs of surrounding residents in relation to parking, noise, and the aesthetic appeal of our centre, play areas and fencing.

We aim to provide for the changing needs of the local community, and to ensure the cultural diversity of our community is recognised, valued, respected, and celebrated.