The outdoor environment, including its layout, plantings, equipment and props, has a profound impact on children’s learning and behaviour.

Ruse Child Care Centre's playground has a wide choice to stimulate and challenge children, with open-ended (such as sand and water play) and child-directed opportunities which support children’s play and development.

Children need to be able to explore, be active, discover, and develop in an interesting, stimulating and pleasurable context. The play space is inviting, visually attractive and enticing to children. It allows for individual children’s stages of development, and is a supportive environment to encourage children to the next level.

We have considered all ages, abilities, and special needs, in the design of this play space.


Things included in Ruse Child Care Centre’s outdoor playground (playscape):

  • Discovery garden
  • Raised vegetable garden
  • Plants to provide scents, textures, colours
  • Taps to add a play dimension, water gardens, clean up after messy play
  • Opportunity to experience seasonal changes & weather
  • Materials to move and alter
  • Sandpit in an uninterrupted, quiet space
  • Obstacle course
  • Spring rocker and cubby house
  • Musical instruments (outdoor) and wind chimes
  • Pirate ship play structure
  • Slides
  • Tunnel
  • Blackboards