About Us

Our centre has an open, relaxed atmosphere where we cater for each child's intellectual, aesthetic, moral, social, emotional and physical development. We aim to create a stimulating, attractive, supportive and responsible environment which is conducive to learning. Our interest and concern for your child is foremost at all times, so please feel free to speak with staff at any time.

Ruse Pre-School is a privately owned and conducted pre-school/long day care centre which has been under the same management since 1989. Our centre is fully registered, licenced and accredited, and meets the requirements of Campbelltown Council, the Department of Community Services, and the Board of Fire Commissioners.

Children benefit from a close understanding between centre staff and parents in the nurturing process. Ruse Pre-School staff recognise the importance of parents being the primary influence in their child's life and therefore strive to continually develop and maintain close links with the home and family.

We encourage parent participation in all areas of the program according to their individual needs, interests and opportunities. Parents are encouraged, by newsletters and direct discussion, to form a close association with the centre. We encourage parent involvement in events and meetings. Please see staff if you would like to be more involved in any way.